Thursday, February 16, 2012

Minor Shaman

It is believed, that the average life cycle of the late Cheloniartifex defensor, may be defined by fifteen distinct stages. Each stage would have spanned approximately five years.

The first fives stages, were collectively referred to as the “Understanding.” Cheloniartifex hatchlings were taught to explore their surroundings, and to discover how their world worked. As a hatchling began to develop individual traits, he was groomed to fulfill the role in which he was predicted to be most fruitful. Shaman, guardian, healer, councilor, scholar, cultivators, craftsman - every member of the Cheloniartifex society was equally valued for the services he or she provided. An ambitious individual would often volunteer to fill more than one role once mastery of his original role was attained. The responsibility of care giving for the very young, elderly, or ill Cheloniartifex, was divided as evenly as possible between tribal members. Each member was aided by another, no matter what task he took on. The Cheloniartifex stood strong, as they built their legacy upon a sturdy network of respect and cooperation.