Friday, January 13, 2012

Ecosystem (ABAVIA)

A. Warm temperate climate

     1. Average surface temperature of 22 °C (72°F)
     2. Gentle temperature gradient from equator to poles.

B. High eustatic sea level (continental crusts largely covered by warm shallow seas).

C. Several Distinct biomes including:

     1. Terrestrial
          a. Mountain Ranges (minimal)
          b. Upland Swamps (hanging swamps)
          c. Lowland marshes
          d. Temperate rainforests
          e. Riparian buffer
          f. Coastlines
     2. Aquatic
          a. Fresh water (rivers and lakes)
          b. Marine

Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Field Journal of Abavia Materna

Abavia Materna (our mother's great grandmother) is an exceptionally ancient moon, steeped in mystery. A few delicate clusters of gentle, intellectual beings once graced her subtle mountain ranges, but have since perished inexplicably. Now, her face is a savage one; dominated by ferocious beasts of the sea and air.