Tuesday, February 07, 2012


Myth states that the last eggs laid at the Arribada nesting site, now stained a deep shade of claret, were permineralized in a matter of days following "The Awakening." From the distance this lonely site appears to be a crater, circular in shape. No life may flourish with in the nest, but rich foliage crawls ever closer.  

Drowning Temple (sketch)

Each month the Butter Bomb Tree (Prunus butyrum) bears highly aromatic, large spherical fruit. The golden peel is easily penetrable and freckled with large oil glands. This hefty, though fragile berry will explode on contact upon falling from overburdened limbs, revealing a soft, velvety pulp, milky juices, and one smooth seed. Filled with rich fats, the flesh of the butter bombs provides anti-inflammatory benefits and will strengthen one’s heart. The bitter ovate leaves are believed to contain regenerative healing properties as well. This cherished Rosaceae only grow along sacred river banks, bursting from crumbling temple walls as pure water trickles continuously to the roots.

Monday, February 06, 2012

Temple Wyrms

As hungry, sick and even greedy creatures attempt to gain the healing power of the butter bomb tree by consuming it's creamy fruit and crisp leaves, a great bringer of balance, the Temple Wyrm lurks below. Camouflaged as twisted branches and temple stones, the beast waits patiently in the shadows to swallow the trespassers whole. Before the temples had drowned, the wyrms were no where to be found.